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At Costão everyone has fun.

We count on several leisure options with day and night recreation activities, both indoors and outdoors.

Sandboard on dunes

A radical paradise. Dunes of all sizes gather on the beach.


Exercise your balance in this sport with concentration and strength.

Ecologic walk / trail

Morro das Aranhas offers trails of different levels of difficulty. Challenge yourself in this privileged view adventure.

Costão GYM

Our guests do not afford only VIP Inclusive. ‘Precor’ equipment and dedicated instructors wait for you at Costão.


“The one who dances scares away his/her woes and enchants the seas”.

Costão Zen

Ground Pilates, stretching and bending. Good energies will flow in your body while you are in Costão.


Archery and vision! To reach the aim, Costão teaches you how to shoot an arrow in this challenging sport.


Leave your career for the working time. Your mission here is to climb the challenging walls that wait for you at Costão.


Let’s attack! Challenge your friends in this game plenty of tension and adrenaline. At an extra cost, but all the fun is included!


Tree climbing

Radical moments wait for you at Costão tree climbing.



High quality tennis courts where big tournaments have taken place. Discover the Guga inside yourself at Costão!



Chute ao gol, bola na rede! Seja na grama ou no sintético, aqui no Costão, cair na área nunca dá pênalti.

Costão Golf

Players of all levels find a special and private court at Costão Golf. Get ready for amazing shots!


Surfing classes

Make more of your stay at Costão – learn how to drop Santinho waves with the best instructors.



The unknown may have good surprises for you. Dive into the Santinho Waters for an unforgettable experience.


Water Aerobics

Health and fun are waiting for you and your friends at the Costão Aquatic Aerobics sessions.


Explore the water streams of our region with a lot of adrenaline.


Infinity Pool

There is plenty of room for you, your Family and friends, at this aquatic complex that ranges among the largest ones in the South of Brazil.

Atividades nos Ingleses

A Praia dos Ingleses reserva momentos de diversão e relaxamento para você e sua família.

Costão Kids

Playing is a serious thing for us. Children are always fond of the fun games with monitors.

Costão Games

Costão Games has modern consoles and motion sensors, interactive and modern games as well.

Costão Baby

Activities for babies from 0 to 3 years old accompanied by mom or dad. Let’s start the party!

Magical Costão

A natural and magic place where the best games guided by our monitors become enchanted moments.

Teatro "Turminha do Costão"

Fauna and Flora are represented by the Costão Children Characters. Terrific!

The terror bridge

Terror bridge turns our swimming pools into an exciting challenge!

Blissful evening

This evening is made of castles, princesses and princes fighting for peace at the Santinho Kingdom!

Radical Battalion

Our children battalion is in search of environmental preservation and balance.

Movie Theater

You can also find Hollywood, the Oscar and the Emmy, at the Costão Movie Theater

Costão Disk

The night life at Costão goes on with drinks, music and interesting people

Archaeological museum

Discover the mysteris of the native Sambaqui in one of the largest open-air museums of Brazil.

Mullet fishing

A unique moment for Costão guests and employees and the community of Santinho Beach.

Circus attractions

Clowns and jokes at the Costão Circus

Night performances

The nights of Costão de Santinho are waiting for you with music, culture and lots of fun.

Themed Shows

Lights, pyrotechniques and charm! Our shows and their incredible surprises will delight our guests.



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