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Special Therapies

  • Day Spa Vip / (6h)

    Exfoliation Using Salts And Oils, Jet Douches And Saunas, Body Lymphatic Drainage, Aromatic Bath, Lunch, Facial Hydration, Feet Reflexology, Hot Stones Therapy, Beauty Parlor, Juices.

  • Day Spa Beleza / (5 h)

    Bath With Aromatic Oils, Skin Cleaning, Lunch, Relaxing Massage, Feet Reflexology, Beauty Parlor, Juices.

  • Day Spa “Chocolate” / (3h)

    Body Exfoliation, Aromatic Bath, Relaxing Massage, Facial Hydration, Beauty Parlor, Juices.

  • Day Spa Holístico / (4h)

    Water Circuit, Aquatic Therapy, Equilibrium Massage, Reiki, 7 Chakras Massage, Beauty Parlor, Juices.

  • Half Day Tranquilidade / (2h)

    Feet Bath, Feet Reflexology, Massage (Relaxing, Aromatic, Shiatsu).

  • Half Day Revigorante / (2h30min)

    Feet Spa, Body Lymphatic Drainage, Beauté Lifting.

  • Half Day Conforto / (2h)

    Vichy Shower, Hot Stones Therapy.

  • Half Day Zen / (2h)

    Feet Bath, Feet Reflexology, Cephalic Massage, Facial Hydration.

  • Barra De Access / (1h)

    By Means Of Soft Touches In 32 Points Of The Head, It Provides A Deep Relaxation And Allows Greater Disposition And Lightness. It Frees Up Years Of Limitations And Allows You To See New Opportunities.


  • Therapeutic /

    Relaxing Massage On Your Back With Tui Na Maneuvers To Reduce Muscular Strain And Contractions In The Cervical And Lumbar Regions. Relieves Pain And Brings A General Well-Being Sense.

  • Relaxing ritual (65 min)

    Aromatic bath + relaxing massage with creams and essential oils

  • Oriental Ritual / (65 min)

    Aromatic bath + shiatsu.

  • Total Relaxation Ritual / (90 min)

    Relaxing in the pool + relaxing massage + foot reflexology.

  • Detoxifying Ritual / (60 min)

    Shower with jets + lymphatic drainage with special aromatic oils.

  • Romantic Ritual / (80 min)

    A special moment for two, with sauna + delicious aromatic bath + massage with warm aromatic oils.

  • Golden Bath Ritual / (50 min)

    Lightening your body hair for a moisturizing and amazing golden glow. Products made of cupuaçu and cocoa butters, green tea, collagen and hyaluronic acid.


  • Aromatic Relaxation / (50 min)

    Several aromatic oils (lavander, ylang ylang, peppermint) that bring you the feeling of well-being, harmony and balance.

  • Relax / (30 min)

    Aromatic special cream for well-being and relaxation.

  • Warm Stones / (90 min)

    Heated volcanic stones, with warm aromatic oils, to harmonize body, mind and spirit.

  • Body Lymphatic Drainage / (50 min)

    To remove excess of liquids and toxins from your body.

  • Couple Massage / (50 min)

    With warm essential oils (ylang-ylang, geranium and cinnamon), for a couple’s special moment.

  • Body shaping massage / (50 min)

    Special lipo reduction cream and essential oils (Orange, ginger and grapefruit).

  • Cefalic massage / (30 min)

    A combination of smooth, calming and revitalizing movements to calm your mind, reduce stress, reduce stiffness of facial muscles, scalp and neck.

  • Clay Massage / (45 min)

    Warm clay enriched with essential oils, with detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and healing properties, for a deep relaxation and well-being.

  • Kids Massage (7-12 years old) (30 min)

    With sunflower and palmist oil, enriched with essential lavender oil, for your body and mind relaxation.

  • Romantic Ritual / (80 min)

    A special moment for two, with sauna + delicious aromatic bath + massage with warm aromatic oils.

  • Ramma / (20 min)

    Japanese millenary massage made by pressing the feet over the body to reduce tensions and give a well-being feeling.

  • Equilibrium (90 min)

    Equilibrium is the union of 3 specific techniques: Thai Massage, Shiatsu and Relaxing Massage. Rebalance your vital energy.

Holystic Therapies

  • Reiki / (30 min)

    A holystic technique that helps removing the blockage from your energy locks and brings an overall well-being and balance.

  • Foot reflexology / (30 min)

    Auxiliary therapy of feet massage by stimulating the reflexive points of the fee to generate general body balance.

  • Shiatsu / (50 min)

    Body therapy t ore-balance vital energy based on hands or finger touch for disease treatment or prevention through the body’s natural processes.

  • Seated Shiatsu / (20 min)

    Quick Shiatsu (seated massage) to relieve tension, muscle pain and stress.

  • Water Therapy (60 min)

    Exclusive and innovating technique for a deep relaxation and expansion of perceptions at all levels.

  • 7 Chakras Massage (50 min)

    Chakra harmonization with special movements and aromatic oils specific for each chakra to generate relaxation and well-being as well a calm mind and spirit.

Body treatment

  • Body Exfoliation and Moisturizing (50 min)

    Removes dead cells, and impurities for a smooth and satiny skin.

  • After-Sun (40 min)

    An after sun moisturizing and calming feeling to your skin, made of linden gel, mineral clay and a warm shower.

  • Heccus / (50 min)

    Na equipment that combines high-power ultrasound and Aussie (Australian) stimulation. It activates lymphatic system, increasing local metabolism for tissue improvement. For body measures reduction, cellulite and flab.

Facial treatment

  • Japanese Facial Massage (Kobido) (60 min)

    An Immediate lifting effect that reduces wrinkles and lifts up facial expression, besides giving you a radiant skin.

  • Aromatic Relaxation (50 min)

    A foray into the world of aromas that activates olfactory memory + facial, scalp, feet and hands massage.

  • Skin Cleansing (Catio Vital) (90 min)

    A protocol with Mary Cohr French products for deep skin cleansing and moisturizing.

  • Lifting Beauté /Miotaping / (90 min)

    Anti age treatment with marine collagen, vitamin complex, amino acids and biological Mary Cohr French actives.

  • Moisturizing and lymphatic drainage (50 min)

    Quick and effective moisturizing procedure with Mary Cohr French products and aromatic oils.


  • Thallassotherapy (20 min)

    Deeply relax with a warm bath with marine salts, essential oils. Excellent for relaxation and muscular pain relief, detoxifying and drainage, obtained by a sequence of jets in specific parts of the body.

  • Ducha Vichy / (20 min)

    Shower with continuous jets on specific parts of the body for a detoxifying effect as well as the stimulation of skin, kidneys, liver and lungs.

  • Ducha Escocesa / (15 min)

    Special hydro massage with continuous warm and cold water jets at different pressures to stimulate peripheral and central circulations.

  • Water circuit (60 min)

    Playful pool with several hydro massage jets, cascades, Jacuzzi, Kneipp tour, fitness equipment, besides dry and wet saunas.

Appreciate your experience with views to the sea

Relaxation, weight loss and beauty in a Brazilian Top 3 Spa.

Aromatic Relaxation

Skin cleansing

Beauté Lifting

Catio Vital Skin Cleansing

Romantic Ritual

Aromatic Relaxing Massage

Relaxing Massage

Aromatic Relaxing Massage

Warm Stones Massage

Cephalic Massage

Ramma Massage


Foot Reflexology

Aquatic therapy

Beauty Salon

Body exfoliation and moisturizing


Vichy Shower.

Water circuit

Salão de Beleza

How to use the SPA

Reservas Costão do Santinho


Reservations may be made personally or through internal phone numbers 2170/2171

Would you kindly make your reservations in advance. The use of bathing suit is recommended for each body treatment.

Would you please arrive 15 minutes before your scheduled time.

Recomendações Costão do Santinho


We recommend that you leave all your personal valuables in the safe in your room.

Please turn off your mobile. Feel free to let us know of any discomfort during the treatment and your time will be even more relaxing.



Call the Spa reception at least 4 hours in advance so that you won’t be charged for 50% of the treatment.

Not attending the treatment without notice will generate the automatic debit of the scheduled treatment.

Horário de funcionamento Costão do Santinho

Opening hours:

Mondays – Saturdays: 8h to 20h

High season:

Mondays – Saturdays: 8h to 20h

Sundays: 10 – 18 h


Horário de funcionamento Costão do Santinho

Additional information:

Costão Spa is open to the public, that is, it is not necessary to be a resort guest to enjoy the available services and treatments.

Please make your reservation in advance by phone

(48) 3261-2170 or (48) 3261-2171.





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